Operating Principles

Operating Principles

At the start, our goal was to establish a high quality secondary source of supply for filler change parts for customers who were frustrated dealing with a monopoly. Individual companies competing against each other for many years were being swallowed up by large corporations, effectively stifling any competition or incentive for innovation. Prices, deliveries, and most importantly, concern for the customer, were all negatively impacted.

Our original goal to be a secondary source of supply quickly changed to that of a primary supplier, as more customers found that Berkshire Packaging Services helped them save time and money.

We also wanted Berkshire Packaging Services to stand for some basic principles. Preparing thorough, accurate proposals that consider all aspects of the individual machine and packaging line. We keep complete records of everything we have supplied to you in the past, as well as other parts that we have included in our records from other manufacturers.

Over the years, we often found that no new parts were needed to meet a new requirement or that many existing parts were already on hand, significantly reducing the quantities of new parts needed. Maintaining lines-of-communication throughout a project to let you know that we are on top of your order. We acknowledge the receipt of samples we receive to make sure there are no mix ups in the preparation of the products. We provide prompt acknowledgement of new orders with an estimated shipping date. And when everything is ready to ship, we send notification of what and how it was shipped, and when you can expect to receive it.

Quality craftsmanship of parts and first-rate attention to detail in assembly. With nearly 100 years of experience in the packaging industry (between the four principals), and the experience of our employees, we draw on a vast pool of knowledge for every conceivable situation. We put this experience to work by constantly improving our engineering, manufacturing, and assembly methods in order to give you the best filler parts available.Providing on-time accurate deliveries that factor in all aspects of the scope of the project. We frequently begin and complete orders before deposits are received. We consider our suppliers as partners in our business by providing them with complete and accurate information and paying them promptly which ensures favorable future deliveries if we ever need additional items on a rush basis.

Our success starts and ends with our customers, and we sincerely appreciate the confidence you place in us. We know how critical the parts we supply are to your ultimate success in meeting your goals, and believe this is reflected in every aspect of our operation. From the accuracy of our proposals and other communications, to each step in the engineering, manufacturing, and assembly processes, we strive to meet the highest standards of quality because our one and only goal is always to help our customers succeed.